Our Process


Meet with a Mortgage Advisor

Your HomeBoost Mortgage Adviser will meet with you and learn what is important to you in a mortgage and ascertain what your lending requirements are.
They will highlight the particular benefits and requirements of lenders and together we will select the best option in terms of lender and serviceability.

You will be advised on timing for your approval.  Depending on the complexity of the loan, this may take between 5 days to a few weeks. 

Your Mortgage Advisor will then deal with the bank on your behalf, saving you time and money, and making the process stress-free.


Apply for lending

Copies of the following are required when applying for your loan. Some lenders may ask for additional information depending on your loan requirements and your individual situation:

•NZ Visa if applicable
•Last 3 pay slips
•Last year's tax summary if self employed
•Last 2 year’s tax returns if self employed
•Last 3 month’s savings statement
•Last 3 month’s credit card statements
•Statements for any personal loans or Hire Purchases

These documents will be submitted to the chosen lender, along with a written summary about you and your loan requirements.  It is not necessary to submit statements or identification to a bank if you are an existing customer.


Get approved

Lender Assessment
Should the lender require any further information during their assessment period, we will contact you and assist with any requirements.

Conditional Approval (Pre-approval) 
Depending on the nature of your application, you will receive a written conditional approval. 
Common conditions are:
•Valuation of the property by a bank-approved valuer
•Building Inspection
•Confirmed evidence of funds

Final Approval
The Sale & Purchase Agreement is made unconditional.  Loan structure, terms and repayment is worked out, and interest rates are confirmed.
The bank formally approves your loan and you can proceed with settlement of the property.



The bank may require you to have your home insured. Regardless, it is a sensible part of home ownership and we have preferred insurance partners we can set you up with.

Loan documentation is sent by the bank to your conveyancing lawyer.  You will need to sign the documents and set a settlement date.  Your first loan repayment will usually scheduled one month after settlement date.

Move in
Congratulations! You now hold the key to your future.